Does Web Hosting Really Impact Your SEO?

How much do you spend on web hosting every month? Most people I talk to consider anything over $5 a month to be excessive. Sound crazy? Well maybe, but when you consider the advantages to quality (or at least half decent) web hosting are still rather unknown by most business owners, you can understand why this is the case.

It happens all the time, you launch your new website, paid your developer and designer, registered that awesome domain name and probably paid for your web hosting up front on the project for the next 12 months. You’re not reminded about web hosting until the renewal comes around. Often clients don’t realise that it is an expense they need to budget for each year. Though it may not be a big one, it is worth ensuring you have the right type of hosting for your website.

How To Make Your Social Media Strategy A Success

A discussion that I regularly have with clients is around social media strategy is which social media platform should they be involved in.

When you consider how many applications are available for updating your social media statuses, you could be forgiven for being a little overwhelmed. Combined with the effort it takes to monitor and manage all these platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and YouTube just to name a few), you may sometimes feel like giving up.

10 Key Considerations For Building An Online Community

Are you considering building an online community? Well there are a few key elements you should take into consideration. Keeping in mind a community is two way interaction, unlike an audience which is one way – a community is socially active and look to share content with their friends and social circles at every chance.

With this in mind, I have put together a list of ten key practices I believe will help build a strong and successful community.